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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Daylight Robbery, I Tell You!

Okay, not really. I was just exaggerating - sorta.

I mean, RM38 for a magazine is definitely a better bargain compared to RM38 per month for some dead-and-dying game. *coughragnarokcough* At least I get colourful glossy pages to drool over time and again instead of gameplay that only lasts 30 days. Gosh, I feel so stupid now.

Not that it was all bad - I got to know some really great online friends during my active years there. ^^ (And the game was super cute! >_<)
So... anyway, I have completely forgotten why and what I wanted to blog about while I was searching for pictures to add to this post. *facepalms*

I quote Winnie the Pooh - "Think, think, think..."

Oh yes! Now I remember. The 5th (subbed) episode of Junjou Romantica 2 is out today! *dances around happily* Have I ever mentioned that I love Aarinfantasy to bits? Well, Junjou Romantica has become my drug addiction and they are the suppliers. It is the reason why I look forward to the next week, because I know that I will get my fill of romance (albeit of the not-so-conventional type) and humour from it.

I now officially announce that Junjou Romantica is my obsession!

Phew, that felt good. =)

Now all I need is the scanlation of the 8th volume so that I'll know what happens next in the Romantica arc. I freely admit I am only a fan of the Usagi X Misaki pairing and not really into the other 2 pairings. Nevertheless, you take what you can get, right? And all of them are gorgeous! =P

Ah, did I mention cute Japanese guys? No? Well, there was a whole bunch of them (2 and a half tables, actually) having lunch in this little 米粉糕 (mee hoon kuih) shop in Klang - which, btw, sells the most delicious 米粉糕 this side of the Peninsular - and there were several who were really good-looking. Talk about having some eye-candy before the main course! XD They were precisely what the doctor ordered to cure me of my emo-ness + slight depression the night before. ~lol~
Gackt the dorkiest yet coolest J-rocker ever! XD

Yeah, that's about it for today. Off to sleep!
Nightz, people. ^^ Sweet dreams~!


Jason Law said...

The only Anime I watch, Gundam ! Seed and Destiny...Anyway, I am here because..I MISS my RO time !

hahah...frankly,kinna waste of time yet it was fun

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