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Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010: What A Joke!

This year's Comic Fiesta was worse than the last one.

Officially the biggest waste of RM15 this year, and considering all the stuff I've bought this year that I didn't really need, that's saying something.

5 reasons why it sucked even more than the previous one:

  1. Venue. Having an (relatively large scale) event with this many people attending on the 14th floor of a building with only a few lifts working? You gotta be kidding me.

  2. Space. The name of the venue was damn misleading. "Manhattan Ballroom", fuiyoh! I think the multi-purpose hall in Taylor's Lakeside might be bigger than that.

  3. Crowd control. So many people packed into such a small space? I rest my case.

  4. Cosplayers + photographers. Do you know how much leg room these people take up? First of all, you have all these cosplayers in their fancy outfits prancing around a small, confined space. Then you get the photogs standing in front of them trying to snap pics. Then in between these two you have this "no go" zone. That leaves... approximately 1 feet of space for the rest of us people who are just trying to pass/walk/escape the madness.

  5. 14th floor. Really, people CF organizers? You decide to hold an event like this, with the crowd turning up bigger each year, on the freaking FOURTEENTH FLOOR of a hotel building? Ignoring the staircase (if there's even one there), you can't even get the bloody escalators to work on this particular day, resulting in everybody squeezing into the lifts shared by hotel guests and room service waiters alike.

Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised. It is Malaysia, after all.

If they were so good at organizing events, the annual AFA would've been held here instead of in Singapore. Which I plan to attend every single year until I lose interest or am unable to get there due to whatever reason.

P/S: This is my 100th post. =_= Kinda wasted on a rant update, but I couldn't take it any longer when I saw all those "omfg cf2010 was awesome i can't wait for 2011 to get hit on the head by a flying poster/be crushed while getting through the crowd/ squashed and fighting for a place in the elevator again!!1!!1!" comments.

P/P/S: Sorry if you were offended by this rant/post. I have the freedom to write whatever I want here since it's my personal opinion of this event on this particular year.

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