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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teenagers On Holiday

"Teenagers," said Luke, as if it were the filthiest word he knew, and threw himself into the oncoming horde.
- City of Ashes

It's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted anything in my blog. I guess I just couldn't be bothered to write anything, partly because of finals and also partly because I was too lazy to update. Not that there was much to update anyway.

So yeah, this hols I finally got the chance to have a proper gathering with my RO friends. I managed to meet up with our "Endless Sdn. Bhd." (Hahahaha! -lolz-) members Ah Yu, Wayu, Jelvix, CCL, Ah Fer, Saolee, O'Brian and also a few other RO-ers like Kevi, Levin and Ulim.
On Friday we had breakfast at OldTown, then dinner + yumcha at SS2's Murni, and on Saturday we went to Bon Odori in Shah Alam. Yesterday 4 of us (wayu, jelv, saolee and me) went to watch Ice Age 3 (3D) at 1Utama and laughed like mad. XD

What else is there? Oh, yes, the results for FICM finals were released yesterday. All I can say is that they were more or less what I expected to get, so no surprise there. The registration form for degree is sitting on the table next to me and it has a very reproachful aura radiating from it, so I think I'll go with my parents and hand it in tomorrow. *sigh*

On a more important note, I really, really need to go to a bookstore soon (preferably MPH, Borders or Kinokuniya) so that I can get some of the books that I've been waiting for a while now. I went to Kino the other day but they didn't have the edition that I wanted, so I didn't buy it. Bought "MAX" (Maximum Ride series by James Patterson) but only realised afterwards that it wasn't exactly the version I wanted either. Oh what the hell, it had a 28% discount thanks to the Daruma Card. (Gosh, I could've used the discount to buy Japanese section books right?! Nuuuu~~~)

Okay, what else is there to blog about? Hmm... I'm good at random stuff, so here are some. I don't want the holidays to end. I hate the fact that my semester starts when everybody else is having holidays. I wonder if there's enough money to finish my degree. I'm thinking if I should go on a RO hiatus again, at least until the end of the year when I have 1month+ of holidays. I wish my bro would get a new car so that I can start driving. I want...

That's human nature, I guess. "I want..."

Something to contemplate or something to ignore?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

考试时间到, 我们一起来祷告

Tomorrow marks the first day of our final exams for Foundation in Communication (FICM). So, I guess it's a pretty big deal. But I just can't seem to be able to muster the proper enthusiasm to study. ~_~

There's this standing joke with Ruth and me about this particular Jay Chou song. We changed the lyrics a bit to suit the situation.

以学生之名 (请用周杰伦 《以父之名》 开头rap的曲子唱)

考试时间到 我们一起来祷告

仁慈的父 我在温书 看不见睡的国度
【a ya ya chik kit chik kit a ya】

没人能说 没人可说 好难承受

Thanks to Ruth for the awesome lyric-change! XD

Let us bury ourselves in lecture notes and resurface on Friday, aye?

考试时间到, 我们一起来祷告
Exam time is here, let us say our prayers

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