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Monday, April 27, 2009

Krispy Kreme is finally here!!

So today is the opening of Malaysia's first ever Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Berjaya Times Square. Being the food lover that I am and with my dad oh-so-helpfully reminding me that it was gonna open today, we went straight to Times Square right after my dad and mum picked me up from college.

This time around, I'm gonna let the pictures and their captions do the talking. =P

You can see it as you come down from the escalator on the right side (from the inside, I mean). It's right by the main entrance, so you couldn't possibly miss it.

They have this "open kitchen" concept going, so you can see how they make the doughnuts and stuff. This lift-thingy is pretty cool. You can see the doughnuts going for a ride into the fryer...
...which is this thing. See the white-coloured dough coming out as crispy brown doughnuts? XD

I couldn't help it. I just had to have one in the car on the way home.
2 dozen doughnuts in 2 boxes. Wheee~~ ^o^

One box of a dozen assorted doughnuts....

...and one box of a dozen Krispy Glazed dougnuts.
(We'd already sapu-ed 4 by the time this pic was taken! Hahaha!)

Now drool! MySpace

I'm off to have more of those doughnuts. Muahahaha~!

Saturday, April 25, 2009









P/S: 多谢明珠帮我install的搜狗华文输入器~ XD

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unexpected Darkness

LOL~ I'm really on a roll today, huh? Third post in a day, wtf!


Well, just now around 9.15 p.m., everything (except my laptop's screen) went totally dark! It was pitch black both inside the house and outside. Normally it's just my house's row that gets these occasional blackouts, but today the whole area went pitch black. Weirdly enough, the street lights weren't affected.

Anyway, I went downstairs to check out what was happening and as I was walking down the stairs, I smelled something like cookies baking. So I asked my mum "Do you smell something like cookies baking?", then she was like "Yup, maybe somebody was baking cookies." Then she went into the kitchen, and when she came out she said "Oh, it's the smell of the bread I was toasting in the toaster."

SWT-ness MySpace

Beautiful Monday

Another short and seemingly random post by yours truly for today.

Most beautiful weather I've ever seen since the last few weeks. Saturday was nice and sunny, but pair that with Mass Colympics and you'll get a lot of hot and baked people. Today was sunny and windy, which was really nice and reminded me of the beach.


Just a short post here, compliments from the Media Hub. MySpace

I'm amazed that my I-Xcess is still functioning and I can still connect to the wi-fi after NINE months! The form actually said that we have to renew our I-Xcess after 6 months, but when I went to ask the IT department guy last week, he told me to test it before re-applying.

Wheeee~ MySpace

P/S: Those monkeys are so cute, no? XD

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Hate Leftovers

(Comic taken from

I've come to hate leftovers. MySpace

No, don't get me wrong. I'm not those super fussy types who demand freshly-cooked food for every single meal. I'm okay with eating yesterday's spaghetti or a slice of cake from the day before.

What I really can't stand is that fact that almost every meal (with rice) at home consists of yesterday's, the day before's, the day before that and all the way to last fortnight's - you guessed right - LEFTOVERS!

I mean, come on la~ I know you love the TV so much (BFFs: Hallmark, HBO and Cinemax) and aren't exactly the greatest cook in the world, but please, don't make us drink last week's soup or consume soy sauce meat that has been reheated 5 (or more) times before.

Shh.... I'll let you in on a lil' secret. MySpace
You know what's been keeping me alive?

Tadaa~!! Maggi mee, or as its proper name says, instant noodles.

I know from experience that it's totally bad for my health, but there are times when you just need to have some hot food to fill your stomach. Seriously, I owe half my life to this wonderful invention. (And the other half is probably gone thanks to it, but I'm not gonna go into that.)

So yeah, that's it. Just a short rant for today.
La - di - dah~ MySpace

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bitch Who Didn't Know Traffic Laws, A Guy Who Ran Out Of Luck and The Fast & The Furious a.k.a. Pantas dan Garang

Oh boy, have I a LOT to blog about today. Let's get things going in chronological order, shall we?

So today it was an 8 a.m. class as usual. We left home around 7.10 a.m. (my dad and mum drive me to school and back) and there was a slight jam as usual around the college area. So there's this 2-lane road leading to the college that always becomes a 1-lane road due to all the cars parked on the left side. My dad was driving on the right side and there were all these cars from the left trying to squeeze in. Of course, we were on the lane with the right of way, and a lot of cars were trying to cut in.

A green Toyota Avanza was behind us and on the left lane and the driver (a perempuan) was trying to cut into our lane. So my dad didn't want to give way to her, since several other cars had already cut in front and we had the right of way anyway.

You know what that BITCH did? She forced her way into the right lane, a little bit behind us and continued to squeeze in even though it was OBVIOUS that she couldn't pass. But she still kept going and of course, there was this loud "sccccrrrrgh" scratching noise that told us her car's face had scratched our car's ass. So my dad just stopped there (effectively holding up the traffic for a while) and we just glared at her. Many people had heard the friction of metal against metal and were looking curiously our way.

So then my dad went a little ways forwards and parked on the left side, which thankfully was empty, and the Avanza followed behind. My dad got down, she got down, and I also got down (since it was almost time for class). I was just in time to hear her say to my dad that it was his fault.

WHAT THE FUCK?! The NERVE she had, saying it was our fault when it was HER stupid bloody idiocy that was the problem! We don't HAVE to give way to stupid idots like her who think they are so great driving an Avanza. If YOU are cutting into the lane WE are in, then WE have the right of way. And if you're a driver in Malaysia, let me enlighten you to the unwritten rule of the road: If MY car is bigger than yours, I have the right of way. Kapeesh?

One last thing before I end this rant and continue to the next item of today's agenda...

To the driver of Mxx 7Xxx:
You BITCH! When people have the right of way and don't want to give way to you, just deal with it! It's YOUR fault if you force your way in and damage other people's car. You're lucky this time around, because if you continue to drive like this, I really, really hope that the next vehicle you "cuddle" is a GODDAMN CONTAINER TRAILER with a driver with a bad personality.
Fuck you, bitch!

Yeah, if you've read all my previous entries, you won't see language such as this come up in my posts. I just see no reason to use those words in my entries unless I am really pissed off, like today. Okay, next~

The big news in class today was the guy who fell to his death from the 14th floor at Suriamas yesterday. According to The Star, the "...teenage student who was locked out of his room and attempted to enter his 14th floor condominium unit via the balcony, met with a tragic end when he lost his footing and plunged to his death."
Tragic indeed. He was apparently a first-year student at Taylors "...and had performed this stunt several times before when he accidentally left his keys inside."

May he rest in peace.

On to the movies section of today! Me, Rhea, Nicole and Grace went to Sunway Pyramid after school today to watch a movie. At first we wanted to watch The Shinjuku Incident, but since Grace had already watched it, we opted for Fast & Furious.

When we entered the cinema, it had already started. Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to not miss the appearance of the title and it's subtitle, which was...

"Pantas Dan Garang"

*cough* *regains composure*

The last time around, which was TF&TF: Tokyo Drift, the Malay title was "Laju Dan Garang"! My brothers and I had totally cracked up when we saw it. But it was an awesome movie. Tokyo Drift, I mean. Not to mention it had a totally sticky and addictive theme song. =_= The 4th one was okay, but I still think that the Japanese pimped-up cars were cooler.

That's about it for today. It's been a long day and an even longer post.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Random - Back to College

So it's the first day of college (because somehow last week's 2-hour lesson just didn't seem like it) and I'm back in the Media Hub with Rhea, Ruth and Nicole.

Guess what?

The Media Hub got some awesome brand spankin' new Macs! I haven't checked out the other places like Student Lounge and library yet, but I sure am hoping that they've upgraded all the computers. That's what Daddy's paying the college for, right? The FULL use of facilities whenever we can, that is. XD


Although I have a funny feeling that the Macs don't like me, due to the fact that both computers that I tried to login just shook it's login window at me and refused to let me in. Hmmmph! >_<

Oh well, there's a reason why I love my snow white VAIO. =P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cameron Highlands + Kelantan Trip

The first thing people ask you after a long holiday is usually "How were your holidays?", to which I always answer "Boring". Because it's totally true (most of the time).
However, there was some respite from the boredom on the 2nd week of March, when my dad decided to go on a 'road trip' to Cameron Highlands and Kelantan.

So the 3 of us set off (dad, mum and me) from home around noon with a week's worth of clothes and me with my trusty laptop (more for safety than usefulness, lol). The weather had taken a turn for the better, with beautiful blue skies and white fluffy clouds, after a horrible week of daily downpours. We arrived at the Equatorial Hotel around 6 p.m. and after a short drive around, went to the hotel's Chinese restaurant, The Golden Pheonix, to have their famous steamboat dinner.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the coffee house and then went for a walk around the hotel, enjoying the cool fresh air and admiring all the flowers in bloom. It's so colourful up there; you can see flowers blooming everywhere! ^^ After checking out from the hotel, we stopped by the Boh plantation to have some tea and take a tour of the factory. It was pretty educational, and I, for one, could never say no to my favourite and most beloved drink - tea! XD

Mooo~ Cowie enjoying the morning scenery. =P
Green, green grass... Yummy!

From Cameron Highlands, we then continued on to Kelantan.
Most people would be wondering why of all places in Malaysia would we be heading to Kelantan, which is a predominantly Malay state with very few Chinese. Well, it's my mum's hometown and we have quite a few relatives there, so why not? =D

Anyway, if you're thinking that you'd probably starve to death there due to lack of Chinese food and/or pork, let me reassure you that that will not be the case. At all. I ate so much I fell sick on the last day! LOL

Here, I'll highlight some treasures of Kelantan that you should definitely check out if you're heading that way.
  • Nasi dagang - Nowhere in KL/PJ can you find nasi dagang as good as those in its native state. Heck, even the anonymous stall by the roadside is better than those sold here in fancy+overpriced places.
  • Nasi kukus - No comment on this one. The only thing I eat when I'm there is nasi dagang, but my parents love it. *shrugs*
  • Laksa - Admittedly, these are harder to find. But they're different from those you get here. It's a Kelantan specialty.
  • White House - This little kopitiam only opens at 9 p.m. and closes at 1 a.m. Four hours of business each day and how does it survive, you ask? Take a sip of the coffee, a bite of kaya+butter toast, and a slurp of the half-boiled eggs. It's been around since before I was around.
  • Beaches - Yes, the 3S - sun, sand and sea. Which totally kicks the West Coast beaches' ass'. Seriously. Refer to the reviews below. XD
  • Thai stuff/food - Thanks to its close proximity to Thailand, you can get lots of Thai stuff in the border places like Rantau Panjang, Pengkalan Kubur, etc. Golok isn't exactly safe at the moment, so most people would opt to go to these places.
  • Native accents - I adore the Kelantanese Malay accents. Sure, they're sometimes hard to understand, but it somehow seems much.. friendlier. (Maybe it's just me, since I've heard it since I was small.)
  • Price - RM2.50 for nasi dagang with a quarter egg and a curry chicken drumstick? No way in Hell and the Klang Valley. NO freaking WAY.
  • There's probably a lot more, but I think I'll stop here.
First beach stop - Pantai Sri Tujuh
Soft, golden sand. Blue skies. White feathery clouds. A refreshing sea breeze. Bright sunlight.
The sound of the waves. Great company. Orange juice. Coconut jelly. Food. Not too much people.

Life is good. =)

Second beach stop - Pantai Irama, Bachok
Same as above, except for the fact that it had rained earlier in the day, so the sand wasn't as nice. But the sea breeze was really cooling and there were a lot of families having fun with their kids.

Two extraordinary things that happened was 2 people in something like a motorized glider flying past above our heads (it looked fun and kinda cool, if you had money for that kinda stuff) and a guy riding a horse bareback on the beach. We could see both the horse and rider going pretty far in, maybe for a swim or something. It was pretty awesome. XD

The pretty sunset clouds soom became angry grey-layered clouds. I swear, that photo was not photoshopped or anything. The sky really was that colour.

Oh yeah, before going to the beach at Bachok, we stopped by a temple for - get this - sauna. Yup, the herbal sauna was quite a new experience for me. The smell of ginger and lots of other herbs was really strong, and the steam was super hot. I had to go in and out of the sauna room to get some fresh air, otherwise I'd probably have fainted or something. -lol-

So basically, that's it. Obviously I'd left out the boring bits, since we were there for 5 days or so. I finally finished updating, along with pictures.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! ^^

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