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Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Fair Booty and W-T-F?! KFC

Woohoo~!! I finally managed to get my very own copy of...

at the 第十届国际中文书展 (International Chinese Book Fair) held at The Mines today.

I know all you Final Fantasy fans must be soooo envious right now. *strokes the glossy pages lovingly* =P Hahahaha! I know I'm perasan-ing, don't kill me plz.

Well, some of you probably already know that I normally try to stay as far away from Chinese books as possible, but somehow the words "book fair" seem to have some kind of magnetic influence on me. My dad actually asked me yesterday if I wanted to go, but since it was Sunday I was sure it was gonna be packed like 2 cans of sardines stuffed into 1, so I told my dad and he said we'd go today. And go we did - dad, mum and me.
My parents' entry ticket. I got in for free. *grins*

Though it would've been pretty neat if we'd went yesterday, coz 林宇中 was there in his official role of ambassador. I must say, he looks cute with the 'bookworm' look. ^o^So after walking around the fair, we went to the shopping mall part and walked some more. (lol) Nothing much to see, except that the top floor, which was previously vacant and walled up, had been opened up as a sort of IT floor.

Then we went to KFC for a bite to eat and to rest our tired legs. Oh.My.God. I have never felt so pissed off at a fast food joint in my entire life!First there was this bunch of women who took like hours to order and get their food. The lady who was beside us in the next line had already reached the front of the line by the time they were finished. Wtf?!
Then when it was my turn to order, that same bunch of bitches (Yes, I was really pissed off by then!) came back waving some coupons at the counter guy. I thought they wanted to get some napkins of something, but it turned out that THEY WANTED TO REDEEM THE FREE FOOD FROM THEIR COUPONS OR SOME OTHER FREAKING REASON. Like, wtf?! Get behind the line if you wanna get your food lah! And the guy at the counter was also damn blur and slow. =.= So all in all, it took us half an hour to queue up at a fast food joint.

Mathematically, this is incorrect.
But for the sake of humor and for you 8th graders:

KFC is one letter away from FUCK. All it's missing is U!
- Comedy Fest 2005
You just gotta love their brilliance. Seriously.

Yes, I realize it just turned from a perasan post to a rant post. Whatever. It's my blog and I'll write whatever I want. Not like anybody cares. XD

Till next time,


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