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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Great Weekend

I sure wish every weekend could be so... fulfilling.

Saturday was a girls' day out slash farewell for one of my high school friends. It's so rare for us to have any opportunity to talk to each other, and even if we did, it was usually in twos or threes. Well, that day we had at least a couple of hours worth of 'girl talk' and all 6 of us were in it, so it was great. We definitely have to continue this particular conversation, preferably over some drinks and at a sleepover or something. In fact, one of them suggested that we organize a girls' night out, to initiate one who had never tasted alcohol before and as an excuse for us to get tipsy together. =/

Again, I indulged in my newest hobby - shoe shopping. Today's was a pair of really cute 3-inch velvet heels with a ribbon at the side. It was only after I got home that I realized I have so many shoes but nowhere to wear them. Or rather, nowhere suitable to wear them without looking like I tried too hard (or maybe it's just me; other people wear heels all the time and don't look/feel weird). =_=

Today was with a different bunch of people - the RO group. It's hard to believe that it's been almost a whole year since I saw them all. Midvalley today was crazy packed, not only with humans but also animals of the furry variety. We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai (why is it that every time a gathering is held there we all inevitably end up in Zanmai?) then went to the Pet World exhibition. A lot of kitties, not enough doggies. =(

Met some new - okay, maybe not so *new* - people at MV today. Ryo Kenzaki (who had a tarantula booth O_o), Ah Yian, Michael @ Hata @ Ru's new bf, and Civen (or Civet (?) Omg I can't remember; sorry! T_T). The rest of the usual group were there, of course. ^^ I had a really good time catching up with them and all the *coughgossipcough* news. Didn't get the chance to go shopping or anything, since Bryan kindly offered to send me home. Good thing I did; the KTM and LRT were packed like sardines. What else can I say? A white Suzuki Swift is so cute and pretty comfortable. XD

Got home really tired and straight fell asleep when I went to lie down on my bed.

P/S: It's the Germany vs England match right now. I'm rooting for Germany. *crosses fingers*

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