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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Err... Um... Yikes?

At this rate, my blog's gonna have abandonment issues like the Xanga one.

Anyway, what's going on recently in my life would be college assignments, anime, manga, running around various bookstores, and being too lazy to blog even though I am (almost) constantly in the vincinity or in front of a computer/latop.

Phew. That was a long one.

So basically the idea was that I spent 3 consecutive days doing assignments until 4 a.m. (Yes, procrastinating dies really hard) with the result that I looked like a panda (only without the black and white fur) on Friday. Which happened to be the day I was meeting up with friends at Sunway Pyramid. Which also happened to be Halloween. Say hello to your friendly neighbourhood vampire-wannabe! XD

Then the weekend was spent going around Kinokuniya and Borders trying to get hold of the Junjou Romantica mangas. Last I saw the manga section at Kino, they still had ALL the available volumes there. Then when I went there on Saturday, they were all GONE. As in, not a single volume was left! W-T-F?! And they told me they couldn't get any more shipped over. (Thanks a bunch, Malaysian filter system. *glares daggers*) So I popped over to Borders at Times Square. Luckily they still had vol. 3 & 7, so I quickly snapped them up and asked if they had any more at their sister store. Next day I went to Borders the Curve and gobbled up vol. 4 & 5. I was told that Borders @ Gardens Midvalley had already sold out the other remaining titles. Noooooooo!!! T_T

Okay okay, I know I've got an obsession going on. It's totally under control. (READ: Who knows where I can buy the other volumes?! HELP!!)

Right, I can see you people rolling your eyes and/or edging away from the computer right about now. Fine, I'm off to have lunch, a listening test and then back home to the 3rd episode of Junjou Romantica season 2. =D



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