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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Happened On Friday

So, on Friday (20th June) my parents dropped me off at Pavilion KL, where I met up with Mei Yeng, Kai Shen and Hui Min at GSC. After waiting for 10 mins or so, Carina and Yee Ching arrived and we spent almost 20 mins deciding which show to watch. In the end, we bought tickets in pairs: Yee Ching and me - Made of Honour, Carina and Hui Min - Kung Fu Panda, Mei Yeng and Kai Shen - Get Smart. After buying the tickets, we went to Food Republic as the others hadn't eaten yet. I didn't get anything to eat since I'd already had a bite at home.
Put Carina and Hui Min together, and you'll get one amusing live show. Hui Min came back to the table first with a huge bowl of curry laksa and a glum expression. Then came Carina with a bowl of beef noodles from the Vietnamese food section. After taking a sip of her curry laksa, Hui Min's expression, if possible, became even glummer. The reason was apparent when she remarked, "This curry laksa is tasteless. -_- And it's RM8 per bowl! I can get it cheaper and tastier outside from hawker stalls." Cue Carina, who promptly told her "You should try my beef noodle! Oh wait... You don't eat beef."

A while later, Carina again "Ehh... What's this thing called? This white thing that's furry furry de?" [Holds up the "thing" in question.]
"I think it's called tripe. You know, the cow's stomach or something." (Yee Ching)
"Ohh... Yeah, that's it. I forgot what it was called." (Carina)
"O_o 猪肚..." (Hui Min)
"什么猪肚? 牛肚来的啦!" (Carina)
"Ohh... Sorry, I said wrongly. Wrong animal." (Hui Min)
The rest of us: "Is there such a phrase as 牛肚...?" *sweat*
After finishing their food, we all went back up to the cinema to catch our shows. Yee Ching belanja-ed me popcorn and a drink (Thanks, Yee Chingy! ^^). When we walked into the cinema hall, we were both like "Whoa! No people! This is so awesome!" and "Muahahaha! It's like we booked the entire hall!" [Kids, this is called sendiri syiok. Don't try it at home! (Unless you wanna get beat up by your siblings, then be my guest.)]

"Made of Honour" was actually not bad. I mean, as chick flicks go, it's pretty much okay. Perfect to watch with girlfriends for some girly fun. XD Although I can't get Patrick Dempsey in his role in Enchanted out of my head. O_o
After coming out from the cinema, all 6 of us met up again inside Pavilion and decided to walk to KLCC, with Yee Ching leading the way. It was a surprisingly short walk, not as far as we expected. Along the way, from Pavilion to KLCC, all of us were joking about how our outfits were matching. 3 of us were wearing black tops (me, Carina, Mei Yeng) while the other 3 were wearing white tops (Yee Ching, Hui Min, Kai Shen). Coincidentally, our pairings to watch the movies were all black-and-white! Haha~ It was kinda fun and we were all trying different walking "formations" all the way to KLCC. XDWe went straight to Kinokuniya, where we all went to different sections to check out some books. I went to collect my Kingdom Hearts II Postcard Book and hung around the Japanese and manga section for quite a while with Yee Ching. Both of us had paid for our purchases (I also grabbed a copy of the KHII volume 1 manga) when Carina called to say that Hui Min, Mei Yeng and Kai Shen had left to go home. We walked around some more and Yee Ching spotted another eagerly anticipated manga, which she snapped up in a jiffy and paid for.

I was feeling kinda hungry by then, so I suggested we walk around for a makan place. I had this strange craving for spaghetti carbonara but everywhere we looked, the food was so expensive.
In the end, we went up to the little cafe in Kinokuniya. I ordered a spaghetti carbonara and ice-blended chocolate, while Yee Ching had a coffee and a slice of cheese cake. We sat and chatted until around 5 p.m. before going home.On the way out of the bookstore, I happened to notice this Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 in the glass display outside. It's so cool; I just had to take a picture! XD


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