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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dumpling Disaster

You know how appealing fried dumplings can look, especially when it's breakfast time and you're feeling hungry? Here, let me show you...

(Picture shown above is for illustration purposes only. Details may vary.)

So today, I actually managed to burn my hand instead of my tongue when eating dumplings. Amazing, no?

The thing is, never ever underestimate the splash damage that dumplings can inflict, be they from fancy air-conditioned "authentic" Chinese cuisine restaurants [i.e. Dragon-i] or just the local food court [i.e. kopitiam hawker stall]. I truly did not expect that there would be soup (the juices from the meat filling) inside the dumpling, so I just chomped down on it... and promptly spat it out again into my hand! OMG, that dumpling was hot! Result was, instead of my tongue being burnt by the soup, my palm received most of the damage.

Be careful when eating dumplings.

By the way, the dumplings were delicious. We even bought some back home. The lady selling it was from China, so it's as authentic as the ones we eat at Dragon-i anyway. ^^


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