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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Evil Clutches

No, I am not referring to Mary Jane being "caught in the evil clutches of yet another of Spidey's enemies". I am also not referring to the outrageously-overpriced
(for me, that is) Jimmy Choo metallic foldover clutch clutched *excuse the pun* in Hilary Duff's hands. I am literally referring to the clutch of manual cars, where it is an apparently integral part of actually getting the car to move and/or stop and/or "die" halfway. Let me tell you this: the clutch on manual cars are plain evil! Either that, or my left foot-clutch coordination is zero - with a capital Z and a big fat 0. Nada. Nil. Which is highly probable, considering that the instructor was practically glaring at me every time I fumbled with the gear/clutch/brake/accelerator/etc. Tuesdays and any other driving days are now my personal Hell on Earth.

I used to think Malaysian drivers were heartless. Now I've changed my mind. They're actually pretty nice and considerate people. Why? Because I know that my driving skills totally suck and they didn't even honk at me when I was [wobbling around in the stupid manual Kancil] on the road. So, to all the drivers who gave way, didn't honk, was patient and managed to bear being behind an L driver on the road, this shoutout goes out to all you awesome people:

Thank you! Terima kasih! 谢谢! Arigatou! Kamsahamnida! Merci! Gracias!


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