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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

An Unexpected Trip

I thought today was gonna be another one of those "blue Mondays" that everybody dreads.

8 to 12 went on as scheduled: sit in class → try not to sleep while lecturer drones on → take occasional notes → wait for end of class/lunch. After lunch, went up to the library to kill the 2+ hours before IDM. Turned up early for IDM as usual, since the previous class had finished and we wanted to get good seats up front.

Then the unexpected happened. Mr Julian walked in and said, "I have good news and bad news for you guys. Which one do you want to hear first?"

(Most of the class, in unison) "Bad news." LOL

I guess he was kinda startled by our willingness to have the bad news first, but he just made himself comfortable sitting on the computer desk, then said, "Okay, the bad news is there's a talk in 20 minutes at the lakeside campus. The good news is, class is cancelled for today."

There was a 2-second pause for us to absorb the news before all hell broke loose, with some exclaiming "Yay!!", while a few others (who were much smarter) asked "So we have to go and listen to the talk?"

To which the answer was, of course, yes. -__-"

So a whole group of us SOC semester 2 and 3 students hopped onto the bus, while others drove there in their own cars. We all arrived in time for Mr Paul Southern, the director for Microsoft TV, Video and Music (Asia) to start his talk. He mostly elaborated on TV stuff, so it was kinda hard for us to relate, since we don't have interactive channels and stuff. Suffice to say, it was interesting, but we didn't get an Xbox each, lolz.

I'm really tired right now. The talk ended a little later than expected, and it was raining when we were finally released from the lecture theater. I'd SMS-ed my mum saying I was at the lakeside campus listening to a talk, but they went to LCS to pick me up as usual. AND it was raining. AND the bloody bus was late. FML Needless to say, my first ever visit to the new lakeside campus wasn't all that satisfactory. confused

It was better after that though. Went for a simple dinner, then to pasar malam to buy some stuff. Oh wow, nobody got into a mood this evening, amazing! neutral

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm really tired out today. Luckily tomorrow's [super boring] class starts at 10.


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