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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

"...All I Got Was This Lousy..." & Bizarre Dreams

So, it's literally a case of "My dad spent 15k and all I got was this piece of paper".

I mean, seriously.
Okay, okay, so they did invite us to some fancy convo held at KLCC or something, but it's just foundation, for crying out loud! I'll go to my degree convo when it does arrive, in like 3 years, thanks.
And I do admit, the transcript does look pretty nice, what with the hard plastic cover and 90gsm paper certificate. Ha! IMO, they should've given us a voucher for framing it up or something though. Wouldn't that be a nice touch?

Anyway, I wanted to post something yesterday, but I chickened out at the last minute. And it wasn't very interesting, just some random thoughts while surveying my room. Something along the lines of "I hate mess, but I somehow seem to create mess anyway".

OH! Nearly forgot. So probably some of you noticed my "The bizarre dreams are back" personal message in MSN. Let me tell you this, I really had this totally bizarre dream when I was having my afternoon nap just now!

So basically it's set in 1Utama, and there are lots of bakeries there. And I dreamt that dad, mum and me were there buying buns and stuff. If I remember correctly, dad went there to buy buns because he was feeling peckish, and after looking at all the delicious pastries arranged there, I also took a tray and started to take all these pastries (especially the danishes) and buns there. Oh, and I also took a slice of chocolate cake too! (This I remember vividly.) Then when the time came for us to go to the cashier, the total amount turned up to be....

Press that key, I know you want to.

OMG~ Talk about crazy. How could 2 trays add up to a total of RM310?! -_-" Even in the dream I could feel myself feeling shocked. LOL

I know, I'm babbling, jumping from one topic to another. Who cares? Let's throw in some more randomness: I need to finish watching Pandora Hearts so that I can concentrate on my CCS assignment!

P/S: I just loooooove Gilbert (the dark-haired guy). He's just so cool, yet gets angry easily and *poofs!* becomes a chibi. Or maybe I have a thing for non-blonde guys. Or both. XD


Jo said...

Are you studying in Taylor's? My brother Min Ren is, and he did get the invitation to the foundation convo (which he turned down too) cause we felt that it's only appropriate and meaningful that he attends during the final convo.

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