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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Series of Bloody Damn Unfortunate Events

That's just putting it mildly.

The day started off just fine, with a steamboat lunch at Aunty Ho's [my kai ma] house. I got RM50 for correcting some documents for her and we lingered until around 4.30 p.m.
Then we went home to get some rest before going out again, this time to Taman Sri Manja (Old Klang Road area) for dinner with my aunt, cousin, his girlfriend and her mother. Arrived there around 7 p.m. due to a bit of traffic congestion and rain. Everybody piled into one car (my dad's) and went straight to the restaurant.

Turned out they didn't have their curry fish head during Chinese New Year. Boo-hoo. [Event #1] So we ordered some other dishes and had a pretty good meal. Fortunately, they had "fa shang wu" (peanut cream soup) as dessert during CNY so we had some of that.
After hunting around for newspaper(s) in the area and failing to do so, we went to Eva's house to sit and relax for a bit. Everything was just fine and dandy, watching CNY videos and stuff, when suddenly a call came from my bro.

He said that the car had some problems with the clutch and he was stuck somewhere near our house. [Event #2] So, as usual, my dad went from cheerful to thunderstorm-cloudy [Event #3] and started talking about -bla bla bla bla-. In short, it was not nice on the ears. So naturally, everybody became less happy and you could literally see the 'cheer-o-meter' going downwards.
A lot more -bla bla bla- later and we were hurriedly eating up our 'mee suah' and saying goodbye to everybody. We arrived where my bro was parked and mum and I went to the car to sit inside with my bro while my dad went back to the house to get the AAM card. Then my dad came back to the site and not long afterwards the AAM staff came. So I went to sit in dad's car for the air-cond and also to make sure nobody drove off with it. =.=

Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from my aunt, asking if my cousin's car keys were anywhere in the car. Lo and behold! They really were on the back seat. [Event #4] So she told me they were coming over to pick them up.
In the end, my cousin came to get his car keys, my bro's car had to be towed and everybody's in a foul mood. So much for Chinese New Year and dong dong chiangs.

Oh wait, nearly forgot Event #5. I'm typing this in Notepad coz bloody Firefox isn't working whereas my MSN and bot are just fine. I can't even get to my Google main page.

What the fuck?!


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