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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seeing Red, But Damn Happy About It !

Well, my brothers and I have this tradition whereby we only open our ang paos after Chinese New Year.
Sure, we can open them and take a look inside, but definitely NO taking out the money to use before then. What we do after that is none of your business. =PSo anyway, due to the economic crisis, financial downturn and whatnot, our annual stack of ang paos have been greatly diminished since the 1990s. Nevertheless, who am I to complain about getting free money? XD I was expecting to pull out a whole bunch of blue (RM1) notes, but to my surprise, many of the ang paos actually contained red (RM10) notes inside them! Talk about seeing red, hahaha~ The relatives must've been more generous than I thought. XD Better yet, there were even a few blue-green (RM50) notes! O_O Sweeeet!

As for the other stuff in the photo, well, I did not use my Chinese New Year money to buy them. The mangas and novel made my wallet RM120 lighter ^^" but the Code Geass Characters book was bought in Singapore before Christmas.

(Random note: My faith in Borders has been restored! Thank you, Borders Bookstores! *muacks* Now be a good lil' store and stock Junjo Romantica Vol. 8 for me, okie?)

Ah, sorry, I went off track a bit there. *cough*

Hmm... what else is there to blog about today? Nothing more, I think.
Time for me to get some rest, I hate having the flu. >_<

Till next time,
- Laura


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