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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goodbye, Starbucks?

It finally happened. The world, or rather more to the point, the US of A is going to be deprived of 600 Starbucks outlets soon. Oh my god. The tragedy... NOT!

Aww, c'mon. I mean, is it that great a loss to the world as a whole? I don't think so. We were all getting along perfectly fine with our good old kopitiams and the guai lous with their quaint little cafes, until Starbucks came along and was all "Let's rule the world with our waaay overpriced designer coffee and get those suckers hooked on caffeine at the same time! Mwahahaha!".

Although I am not at all opposed to having a Starbucks outlet in the nearby shopping mall, I do think that having 5 Starbucks outlets in one building is just plain insanity. Just visit Berjaya Timesquare in KL and you'll know what I mean. There's 1 on the ground floor next to the main entrance, 2 in Borders (1 on each floor), and 2 more scattered around the inside of the building. Who wouldn't go all "Wtf?!" at that, for cryin' out loud?! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that there's also a Starbucks directly opposite Timesquare, just across the road. If that isn't wtf-ness then I don't know what is.

Okay, okay, I know that the media reports only cover the closing of outlets in USA, but who's to say that it won't happen here too? Personally, I think that they'll reduce the number of outlets here too, seeing as only the minority of people can afford to purchase designer coffee on a regular basis. (I'm just speculating here; I have no idea how much profit they actually gain.)

So I say - "Bin the (Star)'bucks!!" Yup, for all you people out there, if you're addicted to Starbucks' coffee, I suggest that you learn to bin the Starbucks and take a sip of the local coffee at the nearest Old Town White Coffee, otherwise you'd really be binning your buck$.

And in a quote from MSN News....

A medium cappuccino at Starbucks costs 3.69 dollars in Washington, or the equivalent of 29.50 dollars per gallon. Gasoline seems a bargain at 4.08 per gallon.
That's why I love reading MSN News. They totally have a dry, sarcastic sense of humour.

However, if coffee is in your system like blood flows through your veins, then I only hope they have these kinds of IVs in the hospital soon...


Katman said...

I am a coffee lover but I don't think I'd be that upset if a coffee house closed! Anyway, Costa coffee is a lot better! You're right about the price as well; Costa at Westminster costs £2.20. Still, it's a nice treat and the staff are great so I don't mind the odd indulgence.

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