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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hypo... Okay, I Deserved It (Sorta)

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Morning, everybody!

Do I sound chipper today? Well, I sure wasn't doing anything of the sort a mere half an hour ago.
In fact, I was in half-panic, half-'omg-i'm-gonna-die' mood. Yeah, things like that kinda make you reconsider your perspectives. ^^"

So before I get ahead of myself and start thanking miscellaneous people in my pathetically short life, I'd like to recap what happened this morning.

I woke up a little past 6 a.m. this morning. I'd slept early last night, since my only meal for the day had been a small bowl of noodles for brunch and I didn't feel like working on my assignments while running on no fuel.

So then my mum comes in and asks me if I wanna accompany her to market to buy breakfast or whatnot. Sure, no problem. I brush my teeth, wash up, change clothes and we set out. It's all fine until mum stops to buy newspapers and fruit. One minute I'm looking at bright, juicy oranges and the next everything turns black and white, with really high contrast. Imagine everything around you being in photo negative mode and you kinda get the idea. My head is spinning, my chest feels really painful and I'm having difficulty breathing.

'Shit,' I thought, 'why here, why now?!'

I was having a freaking hypo attack in the middle of the morning market. What the hell? eek

Hypoglycemia or hypoglycæmia is the medical term for a state produced by a lower than normal level of blood glucose. Hypoglycemia can produce a variety of symptoms and effects but the principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose as fuel to the brain, resulting in impairment of function (neuroglycopenia). Effects can range from vaguely "feeling bad" to seizures, unconsciousness, and (rarely) permanent brain damage or death.

Just a little fun fact for you. *shot*

So we rushed back home (we'd already bought what we wanted, so... meh) and after lying on the sofa for a while, I felt okay enough to have breakfast. So here I am, typing my first post in who-knows-how-long.

Oh, and you know what? I think I'll leave the thanking people part for another day. lol



K.R Paranga said...

starwars! i miss you.. make another episode after the last episode,the return of the jedi.hehe

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