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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Was Introduced To Lee Min Ho!

Yes, I was introduced to Lee Min Ho (yesterday)!

Gotcha there didn't I? twisted

Okay, so I'd heard about him from magazines and stuff, but even after various explanations by various people, I still couldn't figure out why he was so damn famous. neutral Although that might be because I didn't watch Boys Over Flowers and Korean guys except Bae Yong Jun all look the same to me.

I'm at Times Square and walking to the escalators, and there he is on a poster advertising for Etude House - which is a very PINK shop, btw. I reach Ground Floor and there's his face yet again on folders and posters on a pink Etude House stall next to the giant revolving Christmas tree. Talk about feeling cornered. confused

Had lunch with the Gang at Papa John's (great pizza!) then walked around randomly. I headed for Etude House with the aim of buying some stuff there since I wanted to try it out and it was sales season. *shrugs* Waddaya know, I came out with my purchases and a free poster. LOL

So Carina was all "Let's see the poster!!" and this is what I got...

I couldn't make sense of the last word until I saw it on my computer screen. The r really looked like a v up close lor!

After that we went to Sg. Wang and then Pavilion. I think Pavilion is the only place in KL that has any Christmas vibe. Not bad, by Malaysian standards. redface

Oh, and Santa's reindeer are obviously male. Don't believe me? Walk through Pavilion's main entrance and look upwards. (Thanks to Mei Yeng for the very.... disturbing... observation.)

Mum and Dad arrived around 6pm, where I said buhbuaiz to my buddies and went walking around the mall before going for dinner at Dragon-i. There's more but I didn't take any pictures, glutton that I am. mrgreen

My 北海道带子拉面 (Hokkaido scallops la mian)

The must-eat dish - 小笼包 (Xiao Long Bao)

Since it was raining outside, we decided to walk around a bit longer instead of jamming up the traffic with the rest of KL city.

Nicole, you have to come back here and buy these cages at Tangs! They're your favourite right?! cool

It was a wonderful day. biggrin I'm happy to be able to meet up with my high school friends, even if it's only for a few hours. Let's have a gathering again before the new year is here, okay? ^^


Joyce C. said...

1 Utama Christmas decor ain't that bad also. Totally awesome white winter Christmas - that's their theme, I think. Haha!

Some Korean actors do look the same. You can 'copy' and 'paste' some of their faces onto one another. :/ Not much of a Korean drama addict.

LauraLeia said...

I just got back from 1Utama and saw the decorations there! Yup, it's very nice too. =) I think they spend quite a lot each year on festival decorations, but then, they get a lot of customers too. XD

I totally agree with your opinion of Korean celebs! They all look photocopied! Haha~ :P

Shadows said...

Mei Yin-ny! I wanna go the next time! Am finally FREE from man-made torture known as exams and I miss all of you guys, long time since I last saw you, C or Mei Yeng. T-T *makes note to check out the male-ness of Santa's reindeer XD*

ginny said...

wow..u bought de BB cream!!issit nice??

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