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Check out my new blog - Winter Blossoms!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

ISA = I Simply Arrest

This week, Malaysian Media History (MMH) seems to be the main focus of my college life. As if only a fews days' worth of lessons before the mid-terms wasn't enough, we had to finish 9 questions on Operasi Lalang, the May 13th Incident and Constitution Articles. Not to mention 2 presentations in 1 day. *sigh*

But anyway, while trying to answer a question on ISA, I found this really funny phrase:

"ISA = I Simply Arrest"

OMG!! It is so true! XD That's why people are trying to convince the government to get rid of the ISA (proper name is Internal Security Act) in Malaysia. And not only the people here. Apparently, the USA and other countries are quite interested in this topic as well.

Gosh, what time is it now? Oh, 12.34 p.m.
I only have less than half an hour to complete the last 2 questions AND try to remember something, anything about the stuff that I've been answering. Hip hip hooray! - NOT

See ya laterz, alligatorz!


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