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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Malaysian Petroleum Club (MPC)

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"What, and where, is the Malaysian Petroleum Club?" you ask.

Well, it's an exclusive, by-invitation-only club where the members are made up of people from the oil and gas industry. My dad used to be in that particular industry before he retired, and he still gets to keep his MPC membership. (Hooray!) Which means I get to enjoy the magnificent view of my beloved Kuala Lumpur spread out before me, complete with the KLCC park fountain and fairy lights of the city, every time we go there for dinner. ^^ Oh, did I mention that the club is located at the skybridge (42nd floor) of the Petronas Twin Towers?


Well, once you've been verified by the security at the entrance, you have to pass through the metal detector. (It wasn't there before the 911 incident.) After that, you take the elevator to the 42nd floor (there are only 2 buttons anyway - M and 42). After less than 2 minutes in the elevator, during which your ears go "pop" as the pressure decreases, the doors finally open to reveal big floor-to-ceiling glass windows showcasing the splendid KL city view by night. =) Turn to the left, and you'll see a big golden plaque on the wall with the words "Malaysian Petroleum Club" on it.

Let's just say that if you aren't used to fancy Renaissance-style furnishings and gold-plated stuff, it might be rather overwhelming. It's like walking into a private 5-star hotel's lobby. (I still get pretty awed every time I go there.) Straight ahead a spiral staircase leads down to the coffeehouse, while a left turn leads you to the lounge area and bar. You can also find a reading room that looks exactly like everyone's idea of it - black leather sofas, a big leather captain's chair, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, watercolour landscapes and and several decorative ships in bottles. My goodness, it's the perfect place to do some quiet reading uninterrupted. *drool*

Even the washroom is so pretty and clean. There's a small vase of fresh flowers on the sink, a pile of napkins in a straw basket and a laundry basket to throw your used napkins.


So after having dinner at the coffeehouse (the salmon was perfect!), we went around to the skybridge side to see if the doors were open. I really love walking around the skybridge at night - the city lights twinkling down below are so pretty and you get to have the whole bridge to yourself! *grins and winks* I was kinda amused to see this sign though...

"Please be informed that skybridge leg painting is in progress." Leg?! -lol-

It was raining that day so i guess either they finished it early or had to wait till the next day to continue with the "skybridge leg painting". Haha~


Raindrops. It actually looked like it was snowing because the raindrops were falling down and the spotlights below lit them up and made them look like snow. So pretty! ^^ Oh, and the ring of lights there is actually from the KLCC Park's fountain. =)

I didn't take that many photos there. *looks sheepish* I'll try to get more the next time I go there though! XD

Last but not least... a pic of me and my 2nd bro at the skybridge! (So blur... *swt*)



Wiz said...

I like the 4th Pic with raindrops.
It's beautiful.

Faisal Admar said...

The last picture remind me that I was up there once. I still remember how fast the elevator could move. The feeling was great and the scenery from up there is more than words could describe :)

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